Zaya Nurai Island Abu Dhabi

Zaya Nurai Island Abu Dhabi Did you say Maldives?

Actually this pictures are taken next to Abu Dhabi – i know unbelievable right? After a short boat ride of approximately 20 mins we arrived to Paradise (or Maldives 2.0). The little island of Zaya Nurai is surrounded by turquoise water and gorgeous sandy beaches. There are multiple luxury villas on the island ranging from small for couples or large when visiting with friends or family. I really loved there swing in the water and also that there are hammocks everywhere on the island. To get around you can either ask for a bike or take the caddy.

We enjoyed spending our day at the Smoking Pineapple and had some lunch and drinks, but there are multiple restaurants on the island which you can try. Unfortunately we did not have the time to try all of them. However, even though the experience was quite short it was one of the best days of our Abu Dhabi Trip. We could really relax and sunbath a little, which was not the case the days before as the weather was quite chilly. So the time on the island was what we really needed.

I can not recommend you enough to go visit even if its just for a day. It is a next level experience!

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