Mom Jeans and Red Turtleneck in Paris

Mom Jeans and Red Turtleneck in Paris


Paris – what a magical city. I can’t tell you how much i enjoyed this trip, even though it was so short and we were a little unfortunate with the weather (not on this pictures, i know ;)). My boyfriend surprised me with this trip for our 2 year anniversary. He took a day off and kidnapped me without me knowing where we would go. It was such a lovely surprise.

When we arrived we directly looked for a place to have seafood, however we did not want to spend a Parisian fortune on it, so we googled and googled and i stumbled across this market  where you could not only buy fresh fish but also buy the fish and get it fried for you. They have all different kind of options of grilled fish and even sashimi. We had a lot of oysters, shrimps, snails and a few glasses of white wine. It’s so funny that after hating oysters for almost all my life, i fell in love with them last year in the Hamptons. Oh how much good food I missed 😀

Afterwards we took a little walk along the Seine, where we also took this pictures and just enjoyed the first day in this magical city. I wish we could have stayed longer.

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